Feeling Ripped Off

So, in an effort to do more writing, I signed up for one of those freelance writing platforms advertised just about everywhere.

I know what you’re thinking, that sounds like a scam. And you’re right, but all of the research I’d done prior to handing them my credit info suggested that they were legit.

I checked reviews and articles mentioning the service. I compared it to other services available. I thought I’d found something real.

And maybe I did, but they promised to teach me copy writing and connect me with jobs in that field.

They didn’t.

Their “training courses” consisted of several videos, all less than seven minutes. They didn’t go into what any of the acronyms meant and they didn’t deliver on teaching anything.

Most of what they talked about, I already knew from a very outdated book I’d previously purchased second hand. They were charging around $50 for the same info (albeit much less in depth) that I’d already read in a five year old book.

They say cancelling is easy, and they better hope it is. I’ve already tried contacting them via the two methods they offer and have heard nothing back. If I don’t hear back soon, I’m naming names.

TL:DR don’t sign up for a service that offers to teach you copy writing and then hook you up with jobs. They won’t.

Please, be smarter than me.

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